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Hyper Facebook

Internet cooler is Facebook. Something to appear, hopes to continue ’ enjoy. This embarrassing moment when you go account that ’ walking in the wrong direction, so their suitcases, pretend that you forgot something. My point of view is not, neither right nor wrong. But ’ is made, relevant and in the individual mind. So f * ck yourself. If children can stay on their parents up to 26 insurance, parents that their children can go insurance 65. Social security and Medicare, problem solved. Man seeking a woman behind ’ and “ thinking wow! What an idiot. ” Women considered a ’ human face of and think exactly the same thing. Sometimes have to shit in the past and move forward only because the f * ck did not for my fist in your face? Only think about the first time when you've met someone and compare to where you are now and looks like crap, who knew what would happen this?. Who says never ’ you're too young to do anything. A baby shark is still a f * cking you. April, April is a great day, let your love, knowledge, causing what you feel, if not you ’ feel the same, we can say that April Fools. Just because you ’ April fools joke ’ does not mean that you can violate the feelings of the other ’, no? Attention, would be pranksters. You are a true friend always: when you ’ seen formed fools doesn t feel ’ ’'ve done a permanent job. If someone wants the House we rented in Bermuda for two weeks this summer to use, let me know. The man can ’ t take the time, then stop. Free — just need someone to take charge. Avril Fools Day survives, is broken, but there was a guy at my door today tomorrow, but I have ’ m which has nothing to do. The next time I hear hyper emoticon facebook ’ something, consider again the son has in the Bank, he could then play Air Bud. Not know why girls their weapons crossing if you are crazy ’? Tits. Just a small reminder, which ’ for free here. I have ’ t Tell “ what? ’ ” because I can understand. I gave an opportunity to change, as you said. It's funny how “ ’ you ’ funny re ” tour “ think that ’ a f * cking joke in just 3 months ” …. Jack meets with the Tigers. The kitten has managed to scare the Tiger. Is the funniest? So cute, that / if you enjoyed share, don't hesitate, .